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Outsourcing Everything from the
Specification to the Finished Product

Engineering Services

We are a one-stop shop for engineering services, outsourcing everything from the specification to the finished product. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the rising complexity of digital and mixed-signal SoC design and functional verification while ensuring cost savings and high-quality semiconductor IP creation. To satisfy low volume and faster time to market requirements, Fiori Technology Solutions also provides ASIC / FPGA design, development, prototyping, and verification skills.

Complex projects in networking, semiconductor AI driven data centres, consumer devices, automotive, smartphones, multimedia, aerospace, servers, automated test equipment, MEMS, VIP development, and EDA tool pre-silicon and post-silicon validation/verification have been completed thanks to our matured processes and comprehensive checklist. We've also helped build Verification IPs (VIPs), which are used by premier semiconductor businesses all over the world.

  • Technology Partnerships
  • Market Readiness
  • Silicon Validation
  • Technical Assistance

Technology Partnerships

Enabling partners with semiconductor design services ranging from SDK level to BSP, drivers, board bring-up, application specific software, producing small form-factor chipsets, upgrade or redesign, working on complex peripherals, various OS and porting.

Our technology partnerships verify partner products are compatible with ours, integrate well and allow joint development of innovative products and solutions. The program spans five segments: unified communications, contact centers, voice, phones/clients and infrastructure.

Market Readiness

Build strong and secure chipsets that allow new-age connectivities and sensor interoperability in order to keep up with technological advancements.

Market readiness research is the process by which a company or organisation ensures that their product is ready to be launched in the marketplace. This process often involves interviewing potential users to see if the product solves a specific user need, or whether the product will help users become more efficient at task.

Silicon Validation

By designing test apps, functional validation, throughput testing, and power and CPU consumption optimization, we can focus on optimized designs and error-free performance.

We enable hardware and software verification in the post-silicon bring-up phase using a well-defined Silicon Validation Services methodology and capabilities across the pre-silicon development cycle. These include electrical checks, device characterization, function and performance qualification, etc.

Technical Assistance

Provide FAE assistance to enable successful customer designs, a dedicated support team for the client's end-customer community, or tailored ticket-based support at the L2/L3 architectural and design levels.

We are dedicated to your success and helping protect your investment. Our Engineers and Semi Conductor designing specialists will install and train your staff to operate the system effectively.

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